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By writer of Hajji Book:
40 Hari Di Tanah Suci
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    ashartanjung said,

    Bila anda ingin memperoleh uang dari intrenet Klik disini

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    Thank you

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    ashartanjung said,

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    Ephran Price said,

    Keep at it. Never give up.

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    mif said,


  12. 15

    ashartanjung said,

    Hebat tawaran mif ya

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    • 18

      Dear Azhar Tanjung,
      I want introduce my self with you, As you know I olso home land Mandailing my village is Panyabungan jae , Iam learn since SD until SMA in Panyabungan ,and after that to be continually in University USU in Medan, I am happy to reading your letter about 40 days in Ibadah Haji and the story of mandailing lather. thank you for your kind attention .

      Your faithfully
      Hafis Nasution. —– Batam Indonesia.

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