Nice to go around in this afternoon. Many people go to have lunch today in outside my town. Every body feel happy to well come Ramadhan. Today we may take meal as much we like. But tomorrow will not anymore. Because tomorrow is the fasting day. It will forbiden for every Muslim to take mile in a day time. We will only take mile before morning, and break fast at sunset time.
Usually there were many people go around before fasting day like today. Go to village of Sampuraga, go to visit Huta Bargot. People can take a bath and swimming in Batang Gadis river. Go to Jambatan Merah, Go to Tobing Tinggi, Sipaga paga, Danau Marambe and many other tourism place in my town. But today is not so crowd. Maybe because people had finished their money to celebrate the independent day of my country Indonesia. Even not so crowd, we still able to get happy. More ever I go with my family. It is very seldom for us to go around like this. We went just because we well come Ramadhan. Because tomorrow is the Ramadhan day. May every Moslem can do their fasting. May Allah blesses then. Amin.

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    medysept91 said,

    Great !

    by Abdul basyid:
    medysept 91
    Thank you

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