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A have idled my life away, oh what a pity!
Never thought of the morrow, oh what a pity!

I have set the building in air so foolishly,
My faith on weak foundation, oh what a pity!

I have gone too far saying His Mercy is endless,
Forgetten His Name “Qahhar,” oh what a pity!

I have dived into sins and never done any good,
Why gone astray the right path, oh what a pity!

I have struggle to win the world and worldly virtue,
And missed the endless blessing, oh what a pity!

The road is rough and dark, the Devil leads the way,
Sin are heavy, I weep all day, oh what a pity!

Without a singgle virtue to appear in my deed book,
How will this Khalid be saved, oh what a pity!

Nice sentence. By Ikhlas Gazetecilik A S Istambul.

A writer of Hajji Experience Book in Indonesian version.
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