Peace is something loved by everyone. Everybody likes it. But sometimes, there is a man who does not like peace. Like Nakoule Basselay. The creator of Innocence of Muslim film from America. He has made million of people in this world become angry. Because he created a film that scorn Muhammad or the prophet of Muslim. He made Muhammad in that film as a playboy, as a cheater, as a man who enjoy war and does not love children. In fact that is wrong. Muhammad is the best human in this world. Thats way so many people follow him. Sam Bacile maybe a mad man. He wants to become famous, but he doesnt know how to do it. His film has made indisorder in every place. An ambassador in Libya has died. Somebody in Tunisia have died. And maybe many victims will be falling cause this film.
I am as writer of this page hope so that we as the Muslim don’t kill anybody. We make a good protes. I know that it is very sad. Because I am also a Muslim. But to kill somebody like in Libya is not good way. And I hope to Google so that Google delete the file. I know that everybody need human right like free. But its not meaning the we may to scorn another one. We have to respect each other. We do not scorn the else religion.
Salam for The all Muslim in this world.
May the creator of the Innocence of Muslim will get unsuccess, will get sadness because his doing.

By writer of Hajji Book:
40 Hari Di Tanah Suci Thank you

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