To do badminton maybe too tried for me. I am 41 years old now. Perharps badminton is too hard for me. That’s why I feel not good with my lung today. Many friends of me have reminded me to stop to play that sport that hard like this. But I still continue because I only do once in a week and I try to play relax. But last night really I forgot. I pushed my body to play with someome that I did not know. I don’t know him. But I believe that he always plays in this building. I know because he played fluently. He could give me the strong hiting. He could run quickly and did many actions in the game. I pushed my body. It made my body feel tired. I promise to my self, I woun’t pushed my body again. Many reasons has made me tired. Today is close to chrismast day, so there was the prophet film last year. The Moses film. It made my sleep was not enought. In two a clock in the middle of the night I still awoke. The film was very nice. It told about the The struggle of Moses and Harun to release Jews from slaveness from Pharao. I found the completeness of Moses’s story in this film. Moses struggled to release Jews. Pharao denied and refused. It made Pharao hated Moses. It was really nice to watch. Whoever you one. It is very nice to watch. I am sorry if at the first time I talked about badminton and at the end I talk about Moses. I talk a both because it makes my sleep is not enought. But I am very satisfy to play and to watch it. I know long storiw Mñses. I like it.

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