When I went to my latex garden, I looked very much moquites. That day was holyday. And all of my workers were free. No body works that day. I went there just to accompany my children to find the sheed of that plant. My children said that every their friends like it. They could use the sheed become a game. The game is like this. We need to boys to play this game. In one game, everyboy use a sheed of latex. They will show his own sheed. One of sheed will be put on the ground. And another will be put on sheed that we have put on the ground before. Absolutely it will be slide. But we can hold the sheed by our fingers. And when the two sheed in that position, we can fight them with our fist. We fight as strong as the sheets will be broken. And after, we will know who is the winner. If the both of them are broken, so the game is neck and neck, if its still good or not broken, we can try to fight again. If our sheet is broken, so we are loose. It is the way of
game. Like in this life. There are always win and lose. So the event in this game in very interesting to commpare with this life.
Now we back to my story about my journey to my garden. When I found many mosquites in my garden, I just thought a lot about the daily of my workers. They would live in this garden for their life. They earned money here for life. Among a stillness and among the mosquite.

As we know, everybody has a chance to choose his life. I remember when I was in secondary. One of my friend wanted to become a doctor. The others wanted to be a musicus, a merchant, a teacher, a military, and many other jobs. But we have to know, sometimes there is some hinderance. Such as ability, money, a support from parents and many things. So in this case, we have to know, who am I. But many man knew who was him. Such as one of the worker in my garden. He knows a lot about him. I have asked him. He said that his parents have gone forever when he was a child. He said that his knowledge is not enough to fight this life. His educating only until he was 10 years old.
He told me that since he was adult he had been a driver of pedicab. He works everyday. He earn money in long days. When he gets money, he wouldn’t save it. They never thought that it is very important for his future. He just thought that the money would able to make him happy. He would buy whatever he want He will buy whatever he like. If he finished his profit for today, it will be okay. The main thing was satisfy. It was his life for years.
When he has get marry, he got 6 children. Their live is under the standard of life. They was very poor.
One day, his wife get ill. There was a big case in his life. His money was not enough to cure her. At the end, his wife dead cause this illness. And his life become more difficult cause this situation.
I am Mr. Tjg.


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