Perbedaan PNS (Pegawai Negeri Sipil) dengan Pedagang (Saudagar)
1. PNS punya gaji tetap yang bisa mencukupi kebutuhannya dan juga kebutuhan keluarganya, sedangkan Pedagang belum tentu cukup dan mungkin juga lebih dari cukup.
2. Pegawai Negeri punya pakaian dinas, sedangkan pedagang biasanya tidak punya.
3. PNS punya gaji tetap walaupun ia libur atau berhalangan untuk ke tempat tugas, sedangkan para pedagang akan tak punya penghasilan bila ia tidak pergi membuka usahanya.
4. Pegawai Negeri akan semakin banyak gajinya bila sudah tua sebab golongannya akan semakin tinggi, sedangkan pedagang akan semakin minim pendapatannya bila sudah tua sebab ekonominya akan semakin turun karena pedagang pedagang muda akan menang bersaing dengannya.
5. PNS biasanya punya organisasi sedangkan pedagang jarang bisa disatukan karena perebutan rezeki.
6. Bila PNS akan ditandingi, tentu tak akan bisa, sebab tak setiap waktu seseorang bisa menjadi PNS atau CPNS, sedangkan untuk menandingi pedagang sangat mudah. Bila ada pedagang yang sukses, buka saja usaha seperti itu disebelahnya maka persaingan akan terjadi.
7. Pegawai bisa berpindah tempat tugas dengan gaji tetap, sedang pengusaha akan mengawali merintis usaha jika berpindah tempat.
Banyak sekali perbedaan antara PNS dengan Pedagang atau pengusaha. Pembaca boleh memilih yang mana saja. Pedagang juga banyak yang berhenti bekerja karena ia diterima sebagai PNS. Pegawai Negeri juga banyak yang mencoba berdagang sambilan untuk meraih masukan tambahan bila dia sudah jadi PNS.
Ada juga pedagang yang menang dan lulus menjadi PNS tapi dia tetap berusaha mempertahankan perdagangannya dan sekali gus dia tetap sebagai pedagang. Banyak yang sukses dari berdagang dan banyak yang sukses jadi Pegawai Negara. Bila anda tidak tekun bekerja sebagai PNS, anda akan ditegur atasan tapi tak bisa memecat anda, tapi sebagai seorang pedagang, bila anda tak tekun bekerja, maka pembeli tak akan datang, alias anda sudah dipecat.
Bila anda seorang yang baru jadi pedagang, maka anda yang jadi pemimpin dan juga karwawan, tapi jika anda seorang PNS yang baru, sudah pasti anda seorang anak buah. Cukup sekian tulisan saya yang sedikit ini. Semoga berguna buat pembaca.


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  1. 1

    achyar pulungan said,

    salam sejahtera to all reader,

    I really interested to this article that find out the differential of national employer (PNS) between the a trader (merchantmen). Refer to my smart opinion, its not important to differentiate the both profession in negative propose (objective assessment). But in other wise all the statement (article) is true , just take a positive view from the difference of the both profession to accelerate our spirit to do something more value to our life.

    I could see what the secret idea behind this article indirectly, So lets we talk open / free minded to analyze this article. first, what the goal idea the writer to review the difference the PNS between Merchantmen. there are many contradistinction but we must underlined the same between that If you wanna to be a PNS you must have Fund (money) to get the status PNS, and If you wanna to be a merchantmen you need money too to start your activity.

    So it’s not problem what your activity / job along you walking in the corridor, You get the money in a right way under blessed of the almighty.

    Recently in many district in Indonesia the recruitment of PNS is going on, I monitored that there are many people great deal or interest to apply the PNS job. the question is will this recruitment going on in transparency and integrity? just let’s see.

    We really consider that to be a national Employer looks like promotion. why not, the government would assured his long life, even to their children when the were death. They can survive in peacefully and prosperous by all guarantee and government support include functional allowance, facilities and etc till they feel live at the earth paradise not like the others who stave’s grappling with time to fulfill their hungry stomach (the gap between the poor with the rich will be sharpener), while their work out of public order, activities as PNS like playing game, lack of responsible as noted on above comment.Perhaps, It is the great reason and the root cause of the people to be a PNS, and legalize all ways to get the status.

    Concerning to this fact, I really understood why this country left behind and out of justice, out of sense, and out of wealthy and prosperous, vision and mission of the government will unattainable. The answer are : many of PNS not capable to execute his job (they passed the exam and got the PNS caused relative and money), many of them find job side to (search and to get the hush money back quickly (no sense of responsible), lack of morale, personal character and behavior of them so that the corruption is rampant like the mouse in the gutter.

    If this system not changed, we will not reach the fundamental government’s goal like stipulated on PANCASILA & UUD 45 ” The government’s promised to give education,job and prosperity to the public”.

    I can’t blame the peoples who got illegal access to be a PNS, but I’m very disappointed to the government wise about the system recruitment that loss of control by regulatory bodies concerned (No reward and punishment) and let fraudulence (corruption,nepotism,and collusion) contaminate his local government.

    If only the process of CPNS recruitment were transparency based on real test result and monitored by independence team, may this country not like this and or natural disaster not repeatedly.

    Note: I don’t intend to discriminated the PNS profession But I dislike the systematic recruitment that out of justice and honesty.


    M. Achyar Pulungan

  2. 2

    ashartanjung said,

    U all right, man. Sometimes I really don’t like to talk about government. I just want to write the choices. Need job without responsibility, please choose PNS job.
    I feel interested to write this article just because I felt a litle bit sad when I went to an office of government. I was waiting for something in it. But the officer didn’t work seriously. A seller of ring came to the office. He promoted many kind of rings to the officer. The seller had made the officer busy to choose the ring. I had to waited until the officer finish to take his choice. I just think that to become a Pns is very nice. He will get salary wether he seriously or not. He knew that I had been waiting more than 2 hour, but he prefer to buy the ring that to do his work. Talk with a litle responsibily has make me interested to write the difference of government employer and the merchant.
    Thank a lot for ur comment.

    • 3

      achyar pulungan said,

      molo adong natarsinggung mangido moof da dongan, na dong maksud menghino PNS inda sekedar evaluasi don, PNS pe kan dalam tanda kutip do makasudna (beberapa oknum) inda sude. ha…ha…ha..

  3. 4

    ashartanjung said,

    Saya bukan PNS, shobat. Salam sahabat buat Pulungan, salam juga buat semua. Tulisan ini hanya memaparkan pilihan yang mungkin berguna buat pembaca.

  4. 5


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