Many users of Internet don’t know how to write something in Internet. And many user have be a writer in it. In this blog I will teach you how to create a page in Internet. When you have had that one, absosutely you will able to write whenever you want. You will know how to publish your article in Internet, you may tell your story, your exerience. Yeah, it will be very nice exeprience to have a blog In Internet.
There are many kind of blogs that you can write in Internet. Such as website, wordpress, blogspot and many others. But in this page, I will tell you to make a blog in wordpress. When you have a blog, you will able to publish yours, you will able to put your picture, and many ads that will give you money.
The first step to become a writer, you should have an email address. If you don’t have any email, please study about email first. Just type ‘How to make an email’ in search engine. Internet will lead you to create it. When you have had an email, you may follow this explanation. May you will understand how to create a blog and you will able to write whatever you want by this page.
The second step, please type ‘’ in your search engine and click search. The Internet will load and will display many choices for you.
Please choose get a free blog. After you clicked it, you will find a large page of In this page, you will see the text, Learn more or Sign up. Please choose sign up. You will see a new page that ask you to get your own At the below you can see the empty box. Please complete that empty box/bar. Username, please type your name. Please type the password that you like. Confirm your password by typing the same password once again. Write your email in the box of email address. Give the check list in the box of I have read and agree. Then click the next bar. After you click it, the new one will be appear. It will show you about your Domain Name. It is means your blog address. It will tell to you about your blog title, and about language that you like. If you agree with those all, Please click Sign up. You have been successful to make a blog. Your address blog is.
So, how to put my article in my blog? Only a few minutes. Please open your email. Go to inbox and activate your blog by the email that you have received. Then click Sign in, and please follow the easy step to write. May you will understand my explanation.


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    Rewriter said,

    You can publish your articles at these directories and link back to your site in the article or in the bio or resource box. Rewriter

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    ashartanjung said,

    Thank for your visiting:
    Yusuf Herbalis
    Thank for your care about How to publish article and about bross of Muhammad.

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