Earth Quake in West Sumatera Indonesia

Indonesia Earthquake.
I was busy to finish my work at that tme. Busy to type sms for my friend in Medan. My wife was busy to check many bills on her chair. Sudenly she said that it was earth quake. I thought a lot about it and I felt that it was the true earth quake. Many of my clients felt it too. My building became shake. I soulth to my member to run out the building. I, my wife,m y son, my member and all of my client had aware that it was quake. I should to all of body to run out. It was dangerous. It was earth quake.
The quake has made my building shakes. Of course every body become afraid. It was about 5 minuntes. At that time I did not know where is the central of quake. But I believe that something has happened around my area. Maybe in my North Sumatera, maybe in West Sumatera.
When I checked my facebook, I found many walls talk about earth quake. A girls said that it was happen in Pariaman West Sumatera. The other man said that it was in Rao West Sumatera, and somebody said that it was in Pekan baru. Wow, many places. Maybe the earth quake was felt by many province. I don’t know which place is the true. But when I stopped to work this afterrnoon, I went home and I turn on my television, I watch the news that earth quake just happened in Pariaman North Sumatra. It is about 7,1 Rithcher skale. I watch many victims in the news. Many buildings has broken. I just hope they will get helping by Governmen. Thequestion where is the earth quake has allready answered. It is in Pariaman West Sumatera Indonesia. Happen in September 30th in 2009. May they will get helping. Everybody feel s sorry to hear it. May God will help them all.

Sumatera’s eartquake.
What a pity many victims
Indonesia’s earthquake victims


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  1. 1

    Polprav said,

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. 2

    ashartanjung said,

    Absolutely, Mr. Polprav. Please

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