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Ini adalah isi email saya:
Hi Yusleni !

Congratulations! A new member signed up on Hits4Pay
through your Hits4Pay affiliate link!

Information of the person who joined:

Name: Yusleni ashari
Username: Yusleniashari


Generally, members who help their team of referrals
are the ones that get the most out of our affiliate
program and earn more money.

Below is a welcome message you can send to this new
member! Simply copy and paste the letter below and
email it to ~EMAIL ~!

================Start Welcome Message=================

Subject: Welcome to my Hits4Pay team, Yusleni !

Hi Yusleni,

Thank you for joining through my referral
link. My name is TYPE_YOUR_NAME_HERE, and I am glad to
have you in my team!

I just want to remind you to log in to your Hits4Pay
account everyday, and read paid emails from the internal

If you need my help with anything concerning your
Hits4Pay account, please email me and I’ll be glad to


==================End Welcome Message=================

Thank you for your support.

Hits4Pay Team

To contact Hits4Pay support:

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This is an automated email generated as a result of
signups from your Hits4Pay Referral Link.
603 Old Stage Road, Main Bldg.
Saugerties, New York


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