In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Talk about ikhlas (sincerity) in Islam.

Ways to obtain iklas:
A. Do righteous deed.
The more good deeds we do and hence closer to Allah, the more sincere we well be.
B. Before we do any deed, we should firstly seek knowledge.
Our action should be guide by knowledge so that we do them in accordence to the syariah.
C. Do not give false impressions.
Do not make other believe that an action me did was good when it was not.
D. Al Imam Ahmad said: Before you do anything, check your intention, ask yourself before performing an action: ‘It is for the sake of Allah?’

And now I write that there are four things that contradict ikhlas (sincerity):
A. Ma’siat
Committing sin, this will weaken our ikhlas.
B. Shirk
Associating other with Allah.
C. Riya
Performing an ibadah with the intention of showing off to other.
D. Nifaq
It is hypocrisy.
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