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Allahu ta’ala has mercy upon all people on the earth. He creates useful things and sends them to everybody. Peace and Blessing be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad (‘alaihi ‘s-salam) I write this page for announce to every body that I have made an Islam book that entitle 40 Hari Di Tanah Suci This book is content of my experiences when I was doing Pilgrimage and my stories when I was visiting Madinah and went to Muhammads burry. I wrote my experiences day by day. Hope everybody will know about activity of pilgrimage in Mecca, Arafat, Muzdalifah, Muna, and Medina.

I wrote all of my experiences, my feeling, and my thinking. It is very suitable for Muslim and whoever who wantes to add his acknowledge. Whoever can speak Indonesia, it is very nice to read. my book available in many book store in North Sumatra Indonesia. If you are outside of North Sumatra or Indonesia, you can contact me by email address and my website: The price of my book are:

40 Hari Di Tanah Suci. Chapter 1, consist 179 pages: 3 USD

40 Hari Di Tanah Suci. Chapter 2, consist 189 pages: 3 USD

40 Hari Di Tanah Suci. Chapter 3, consist 260 pages: 3 USD

Written by pilgrmage an author from Indonesia: H Anwar Ashari. Please contact the author by . After I have answered your message, the author and you has been in a deal, you can send the money to: Name: H M Anwar Ashari Tanjung. Account Number: 107-00-0501447-9 Tabungan Mandiri Dollar Bank Mandiri (KK Panyabungan) (The price is not including the charge for delivering)

My motto: Islam is always the best religion

Mr. Tanjung Panyabungan


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  1. 1

    medysept91 said,

    aso inda diisi ho ashar tag nai i, arana tag i bisa bo di klik i sebagai pengait.

  2. 2

    Grelladreah said,

    I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true; ?
    it came off
    Thanks 🙂

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