You know why are there Tanjung in Lumban Dolok Siabu? Here I am going to write the arriving of Tanjung in Lumban Dolok. Tanjung is a suriname or a kin name. If you want to know more detail, you should remember Feisal Tanjung. The PANGAB of Indonesia in Soeharto’s time. Feisal is his name, and Tanjung in his Surename. If you know Akbar Tanjung, he was a leader of DPR in Indonesia in Gusdur
or Megawati’s time when they were the President of Indonesia.It will make more easy to understand about suriname. So, Akbar is his name and Tanjung is his Suriname. Whenever Akbar Tanjung has a son, his sons will have a suriname Tanjung too, and whenever his sons have a baby, his babies suriname will become Tanjung too. So Tanjung will be grow up every time. Here I will tell you why are there Tanjung in Lumban Dolok. In 1902, when Holland was colonizing Indonesia, the life around Padang (West Sumatra) was very difficult. So many people from West Sumatra wanted to desert  this place because of it. Someone who had name Adis, and two of his friends wanted to earn money faraway. Their destination
at that time was toward North Sumatra. They left West Sumatra together. They were the people from Palambaian in Sipisang, around Batu Sangkar West Sumatra. When they acrossed the border of West
Sumatra and  North Sumatra, they continued their journay until they arrived to Mandailing. In this area, they wanted to separate each other. A man of them lived in Lumban Dolok Roburan, one of the lived in Pidoli Lombang, and one of them or Adis, lived in Siabu. Because the space of Mandailing is not so near to Palambaian, and no car or vehicle at that time, it made them never visited their village in West Sumatra anymore. They only visited their third. Even many Tanjung in Lumban Dolok Roburan, Pidoli Lombang, and in Lumban Dolok does not know anymore that their ancestor come together to
Mandailing. In 1907, Adis who lived in Siabu had married with a girl in Lumban Dolok. They had 2 son. After Adis had two sons, Adis and his family moved to Lumban Dolok. That’s why there are many Tanjung in Lumban Dolok. Now the generation of Tanjung in Lumban Dolok has been 6 generation. They family of Tanjung has been many families here.  A parth of them moved to the other place like Jakarta or the other city, and a parth still live in Lumban Dolok until now. It is the true story about Tanjung in Lumban Dolok. What is the connection of Tanjung in West Sumatra and in North Sumatra? The both of them are from the same ancestor. It is one of the story of Tanjung in Madina. Many other story of Tanjung in Madina because in many village, there are Tanjung suriname around Indonesia


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